About RCS

About RCS

RCS is a leading global distributor of cellular phones, digital cameras and other portable electronics. Founded in 1995 by Rami Feller, the company has been active for over 18 years.

RCS is considered to be a pioneer in the mobile phone trade industry and supports its clients through the entire buying and selling process. The company constantly branches out into new fields and recently added a green product range to its offering, including solar panels.

Company Focus

The company specializes in buying and selling cellular phones, digital cameras and tablets, and is renowned for being an expert in international trade. RCS leverages its exclusive connections and vast experience for the benefit of its clients, so that they can get the best deals for the best price.

The RCS online trading platform is perfect for managing secure, effective and trustworthy transactions. The company promises a 24/7 service, timely delivery and streamlined transactions.

RCS Offers:

  • The largest infrastructure in the industry and the ability to promote international trade.
  • A stable, reliable reputation.
  • Secure and trustworthy transactions.
  • Connections and strategic ties that are required for successful and lucrative business deals.
  • A variety of financial services that support the client’s business.
  • A sales force that is considered to be the largest in the industry.
  • An enormous variety of products.
  • A flexible infrastructure that can be easily expanded into new areas.
  • A team of professionals that speak the language of the client.
  • Services in 16 different languages.
  • 3,000 contacts in 128 countries.
  • An online, real-time trade platform.

RCSTrade Platform

This platform was specifically created for professional traders who wish to take advantage of RCS’s vast trading experience. RCSTrade offers a wide range of tools and resources that were created specifically to provide a streamlined, pleasant and professional trading experience.

Trading with RCSTrade offers the following advantages:

  • Secure access from any computer with internet access via a standard browser.
  • A comprehensive list of current offers and requests.
  • The ability to sort by product and price.
  • The ability to easily identify the best price.
  • The option to add offers and requests of your own.
  • An easy way to add over-the-counter offers and requests.
  • Current information on currency conversions.
  • The ability to search products.
  • The ability to directly contact a sales personnel from an offer or request page.
  • To easily contact and talk to sales personnel.
  • The ability to define alerts for specific products and stock.
  • The ability to hold public auctions.

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