Longing for the Depths Dr. Boaz Kaspi and Rami Feller

Longing for the Depths

About the book by Dr. Boaz Kaspi and Rami Feller, Longing for the Depths – a journey into the mechanisms of the psyche, Modan publishing.

The book is an incredible journey into the mechanisms of the human psyche. It deals with physical, intellectual and spiritual confrontations. The readers will find themselves dealing with questions about our existence.

The book describes a research of the mystical cults that are becoming prevalent in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). The research is led by Dr. Yossi Zemer, a psychology lecturer, and performed at the request of the Israeli Intelligence.

Dr. Zemer and his colleagues successfully uncover these cults’ secret doctrines and methods, which undermine the basic principles that lie at the basis of the western civilization and psychology itself. In the process, the team confronts a world that prefers to hide and mask its true identity.

It’s a book based on factual information as well as the Ta’asa-Glazer Report, the official report of the committee for the investigation of cults in Israel, 1987. The Ta’asa-Glazer Report includes materials that were gathered over 5 years, including similar reports which were published around the world. Many professionals worked diligently to prepare this report, including government officials, the head of the Mental Health Department in the IDF and the head of the Investigations Division of the Israeli police.

Among other things, the book describes the methods with which the cults captivate their followers. For example, the role of Mantra during the meditations (pages 293-294):

“A person has more than five senses that constantly receive stimuli from the outside world… it is not possible to feel complete relaxation so long as this massive receptor system is turned on and active, and constantly sends you endless flows of information. In order for you to be relaxed, you have to block it.

One of the ways to do that is to monotonously activate a steady and constant stimulus that has no message, neither technical nor emotional. This stimulus is not threatening or arousing, and has no actual message. Rather, it provides the senses with an empty stimulus and fills them, while blocking the entrance of other stimulus.  Gradually, the senses arrive at the conclusion that there is no need for them to stay alert. The monotone stimulus sedates them and they withdraw into themselves. Only the internal consciousness is alert but it does not concern itself with the data received from the outside, or with internal thoughts. It is explicitly forbidden to occupy oneself with thoughts on any other matters. In this state, the consciousness is more like an engine of a car standing at a red light – it idly turns and does nothing. This is the state of a meditator when they meditate. A similar state is brought about when a mother lulls her baby to sleep, singing a lullaby and rocking the cradle at a steady pace. She blocks all receptors with empty information.

With regards to the personal side of the Mantra, the teacher will tell you: “…the secret word is for you and you alone, and is customized to your unique personality traits following a consultation with the leader of the cult and your Guru, his holiness the Maharishi. Those who are used to being duped will accept this explanation with no hesitations. As if any guide or teacher can easily identify your unique traits only from reading a questionnaire you filled out and pick the exact word that is suitable for you and you alone, and as if the Maharishi has nothing else to do than to consult on unique Mantras for each meditator around the world”.

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