Rami Feller's father - Ron Feller (Z.L.)

About Ron Feller (Z.L.) – Rami’s Father

The life of Ron Feller began in 1928 in Tel Aviv. His father, Zeev, served as the secretary of the Workers Council in Tel Aviv. The young Feller was schooled in the Rosa Cohen School in Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha. He was in the Haganah and served in the 53rd Battalion of the Givati Brigade. Sargent Ron Feller received the Medal of Valor for his part in the battle that ended the Egyptian attack on Ceratia village in July, 1948. In that battle, when two Egyptian tanks broke through the Israeli lines, Feller started crawling toward them in broad daylight. Some 30 minutes later, when he was about 50 meters from the tanks, he fired his Fiat rifle once. The tanks fired back at him but instead of retreating he reloaded his weapon and fired and hit one of the tanks. The hit tank became inoperable while the second one retreated, and that halted the Egyptian attack that day.

In 1953 Feller was appointed Deputy Director of the Agricultural Equipment Institute in the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and developed machinery that was suitable for the Israeli climate. In 1956 Feller was sent to continue his education in the University in California, Davis, where he completed his master’s degree. A year later, he went back to Israel and began his work as a lecturer in the Technion and as of 1959, in the Vulcani Institute. In 1965, when the Agricultural Equipment Institute was merged with the Vulcani Institute, Feller was appointed its director. In 1972, as soon as he completed his Doctorate studies in the Technion, Dr. Ron Feller headed the Division for Handling Agricultural Produce. He also served as a member of the Agricultural Faculty in the Hebrew University while teaching courses in the field of agricultural machinery and handling agricultural produce. He retire in 1993.

Feller also developed 12 patented inventions that won 7 awards, including a machine that separated straw and leaves; a system to disperse liquid fertilization; and a machine that separated soil, stones and produce (such as potatoes). This machine enabled the use of rocky ground for agriculture and eliminated the almost impossible task of a manual separation.

In 1967 Feller received the Labor Award of the Histadrut Labor Federation for his contribution to improving the process of sorting peanuts. Over the years he was asked to take part in various projects, consulted for the UN and participated in developmental projects including Madagascar in 1968 and China in 1991. He also served as an Emeritus Professor in various institutions in the US and Australia, and helped build a laboratory for handling agricultural produce.

The Australian Dried Fruits Research and Development Council still grants an annual award in his name, recognizing his contribution to removing unwanted agents from dried fruits. In 1986 he won the American Agricultural Engineering Society award.

Feller, who died in 2012, was married to Haviva and fathered 3 children, all of whom became religious at some stage in their adult life. His son, Rami Feller, is the CEO of RCS-Rampal Cellular Stockmarket.