Rami Feller

About Rami Feller

Rami Feller is a business man, the CEO of RCS Group, a Hassidic singer and a religious man; he is also the son of the late Ron Feller – professor of agriculture and one of the few recipients of the Medal of Valor for his bravery in the War of Independence.

Rami Feller

Rami Feller started his way in business when he finished his IDF service, where he served in the Navy. In 1975 he managed a very successful home audio systems business that quickly developed into a highly lucrative source of income when he was only 23 years old.

At the time, when he was at the peak of his success, Feller began wondering about the meaning of life and the real reason we were put on this earth. In spite of the immense power and wealth he accumulated at such a young age, he realized that money was not the answer and started his journey to find answers to his questions.

During his extensive search, Rami Feller had many experiences but at the same time he continued his business activity and successfully dealt with a very serious crisis that afflicted his company. One of the ways Feller took as part of his search for meaning was the study of Psychology and Philosophy in the University of Tel Aviv, but that too did not provide him with answers to his questions. This resulted in an ideological investigation of the various cults in Israel, but luckily he never joined any of them.

The first time Rami Feller felt he is standing on a stable and secure ground that provided the answers he was seeking was when he met Ilan Ashkenazi. Feller was 28 years old at the time and was deeply impressed with Ashkenazi’s profound knowledge of Judaism and with his lessons on the important book by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, Path of the Upright.

Feller, who is a self-professed autodidact, chose to learn all he could about Judaism and joined a Havruta in Bnei Brak and also studied with various Rabbis in Jerusalem.

At around the age of 30, when he participated in a seminar, he met Rabbi Zeloshinski who suggested he studied more formally in Netivot Olam, a center that offers an organized syllabus. Feller took his advice and joined Havrutas there.

In 1995 feller founded the RCS group (Rampal Cellular Stockmarket), which was one of the first to enter the cellular phones trade. Since then the RCS group became a leading and central organization for international trade in this industry.

Today, Feller heads a large international cellular phone and electronic device trade group. The group owns a few sister companies, such as RCS Solar, an international distributor of PV panels and inverters. This company is a leading international distributor of renewable energy solutions, with numerous business partners and active connections that are included in its database for the use of its clients. RCS Solar offers leading brands such as Suntech, Renesolar, Trina, Hanawha and Canadian Solar.

Rami Feller is married and the father of 5. The lavish family home holds a Kolel for the study of the Talmud and rabbinic literature, and the couple donates generously to various causes. For that purpose, Feller founded the Mifalei Hessed company, which donates to those in need (both individuals and organizations) and is managed by public officials and Rabbis.